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Huntington Asthma and Allergy Center offers comprehensive care for people with asthma, chronic sinus disease, immunodeficiency, food allergies, allergic skin disorders and drug allergies. Initial consultations are scheduled for 45 minutes to 1 hour. A medical history, physical examination, review of pertinent medical records and any procedures or tests that are indicated will be performed during this time.


Rhinoscopy, also known as nasal endoscopy,  allows visualization of the nasal cavity, back of the throat and the larynx to help diagnose sinusitis, nasal polyps as well as anatomic variations resulting in nasal symptoms. This office procedure minimizes radiation exposure by avoiding a CT scan of the sinuses.


Immunotherapy (allergy shots) has been used successfully to treat allergic conditions such as asthma and nasal allergies. This method of treating allergies can lead to significant improvement in symptoms as well as a reduction or elimation of the need to take medication.

Skin Testing

Skin tests are used to diagnose specific allergen triggers for a number of conditions including asthma, nasal allergies, sinus disease, anaphylaxis and rashes. These test are administered as prick tests and intradermal tests.


Patch Testing

Certain rashes may be caused by chemical sensitivity. Patch testing helps determine if a rash is caused by a specific chemical that may found in everyday products such as makeup, clothing, hygiene products and hair dyes.


This procedure allows the evaluation of a patient's lung function and helps diagnose asthma and other lung conditions.  Spirometry is also useful to monitor the progression and severity of disease over time or during exacerbations.

Challenge Test

Specialized challenge tests to food and drug allergies are performed at our center. The most appropriate test will be determined after a consultation. These challange tests can be performed to foods, food additives and drugs to establish or rule out an offending agent as a cause for a patient's symptoms.

Immune Deficiency Evaluations

Appropriate tests, to evaluate the immune system including cellular deficiencies, antibody deficiencies, and complement deficiencies, will be based on the patient history and physical findings. The evaluation may involve blood test or skin tests.


Other Services

Specialized skin testing can be performed to penicillin and other drugs to diagnose or rule out an allergic condition.

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